Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Coupons Write for Us

Why Write for Us?

If you have any ideas and thoughts then we are giving you a very good platform to share your thoughts and ideas. Now, you can post your ideas on our site through blog articles. Now our website is offering the website where you can contribute your writings as Guest Posts and write as a Guest Writer. But the article which you are willing to post must be written on topics which are related to our websites. You can also be a regular blog writer on our website but you must have to follow our guidelines. To grow your reputation on the internet you will also get neutral links and can get top rankings on search engines.

Email us : [email protected]

Who can Write blogs for Us?

Discount and Coupons are a section of “Daily coupons” so the writers who have experience of blogging in these topics can write their contents for us, as Guest Post. We are always ready for the readers who look for the information and T&C and everything about the website or app coupons so, that they can be benefitted with different services provided by the websites or apps. If any new writer wants to be in among the writers of Discount and Coupons then they must have to follow the guidelines and good at niche blogging. But the new writers must know that the Daily coupons are not going to pay the new writers for posting the guest post. And we do not accept blogs from all our competitors.

Why you should Write for Us?

We provide our users by giving them information and T&C and everything about the website or app coupons through which the readers get benefitted, so you can also help us and gain the trust of users. Discount and Coupons is a reputed brand and our innovative team focuses on writing SEO friendly blogs to help millions of people who read. We have a grip on the readers from worldwide so we always deliver unique and fresh content.

working  as a writer

Guest posting on the blogs gives you wings to grow your career and also helps to boost visitors on your website. The backlinks will help the bloggers will get the opportunity to improve SEO for their sites. No matter you just started off or experienced in blogging. it will also help to improve the writing skills and gain an audience for your website.

Suggestions of topics for Guest Posting

When someone thinks to write a blog then the first thing which comes into the mind is the topic. Which topic you should write? This is the biggest questions. These are some topics that you can write in our blog for Guest Posting and be a Guest Writer on our website.

So, the topics are:

  • Technology Coupons Write for us
  • Coupons Write for us
  • Clothing Coupons Write for us
  • Online Shopping Coupons Write for us
  • Fashion Coupons Write for us
  • Furniture Coupons Write for us
  • Web hosting Coupons Write for us
  • Digital marketing Coupons Write for us
  • Online Marketing Coupons Write for us
  • Internet Security Coupons Write for us
  • App Development Coupons Write for us
  • Food Coupons Write for us
  • Trading Coupons Write for us
  • Travelling Coupons Write for us

These are some topics which you can write as Guest Post and the Coupons write for us is preferable for our website. We also except the context from out of the box but it should be relevant. We recommend that everyone should go through the posts as well to get inspiration.

Guest Posting helps you to gain followers

The best and main benefits of blogging as a guest in the daily coupon is to gain the bulk of followers on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many other social platforms. Earlier we already said that if you will gain heavy traffic on your posts and blogs then it will directly be converted into the organic social media followers. And if you write quality blogs for our website through Discount and Coupon Work for Us then there is the maximum possibility that the visitors will also try to get in touch with you for the long term. If only 20% wanted to be in touch with you then still it is a very huge number of followers.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

  • Every article should be well focused on specific topics. For example, if you write a post on food coupons then it must define the food coupon only. Daily Coupons team will only accept those topics that are relevant for our blog categories.
  • We do not entertain any type of self-promotion and we only accept those niche blogs that provide true knowledge to the audience. It must not be manipulating the people with any wrong information.
  • The number of words is also specified in our blogs as every blog should be greater than 800 words and should be less than 2000 words. The ideal blog in 1200 words.
  • The blog will always be written only after the proper R&D that is Research & Development, as we never entertain any wrong information on the Daily Coupon website. We only accept blogs that have only 5% of plagiarism. And if the writer is using someone else’s content, the writer must mention the source of a website.
  • The best way to gain the attention of readers with high definition images and it will also leave a great impact on the readers. We recommend using at least one image in the post. And the images or videos which you are going to post should be relevant to the specific blog and also use the copyright guideline which is provided by the source of the image.
  • We accept one or more than it backlinks but it must not redirect to the websites that are of our competitors. We will accept all the backlinks which will redirect to the Guest writer’s website or any of the sales pages. Never forget to mention the description of META and as I mentioned that it is SEO friendly blog. Use the keywords properly to gain heavy traffic. And kindly value the guideline from the business perspective.

Guidelines for the Guest Post

You must have to pitch for the guest posting and after that have a proper conversation. You will have to send the full article to us and we will examine the post. If your articles follow the all mentioned guidelines then we consider the posting of your article as a guest.

If you want to submit the posts then kindly drop an email on the email address [email protected] where to give along with the articles in the preferred format. We will surely go through the submission and will check if the guidelines are followed or not and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

If the case happens that we do not accept the article or your article does not match the guidelines or the Discount and Coupons tips then you are free to request on other websites or you can also send us the request after it matches the Discount and Coupons Standard.

Final words

We appreciate that you spend your precious time and effort on pitching our guest posts. Due to the very high demand in the Coupons Write for Us industry, we may accept a few requests among the all. We are determined to publish the multiple guests post every day depending on the number of articles for Coupons Write for Us each day. Therefore, your article may take some time to be published after it is accepted.

Lastly, thank you for giving your precious time for going through this article.

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